Continued glacier mass loss in 2015 and 2016

Based on last year’s call-for-data we can announce that the glaciers around the globe are reported to continue losing mass at very high rates. For the observation period 2014/15, the average annual mass balance of the observed glaciers was -1.1 m w.e. This is already the fourth year since the turn of the century in which the average ice loss exceeds 1 m w.e.; and this in spite of positive balances reported from Norway, Iceland, Greenland, as well as from New Zealand and Sub Antarctic Islands.

Preliminary estimates from the near-time reporting indicate that the mass loss for 2015/16 was also very negative with -0.9 m w.e.

On our website you find the reported data for 2013/14, 2014/15, and 2015/16, including some basic statistics and figures:

The near-time reporting is based on preliminary mass balance estimates from the WGMS ‘reference’ glaciers with more than 30 years of ongoing observations:

Based on the received data we are producing the 2nd issue of the Global Glacier Change Bulletin (2014-2015) which will be published end of this year.

Our work relies on the cooperation and help of many scientists and observers throughout the world. We highly appreciate their long lasting contribution in collaboration with our National Correspondents, who are coordinating the data collection in their country for submission to the WGMS.


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