Creative industries create jobs for young in the Arctic

Educational possibilities are limited for youth in the rural Arctic, but they are adjusting with new multi-locational lifestyles. Arctic areas hold several economic opportunities for young people in less traditional industries like the creative industries, bioeconomy and tourism, reveals the new study Future Regional Development Policy for the Nordic Arctic: Foresight Analysis 2013–2016 by Nordregio.

Creative business opportunities
Primary industries have traditionally been the foundation of the Nordic Arctic economy, but our study shows that huge potential lies in less traditional industries, states the author and Senior Nordregio Researcher Anna Karlsdóttir.

Sustainable natural resource extraction forms the basis for more recent business opportunities, like the bioeconomy and more knowledge-intensive activities such as research, development and innovation. Growing industries like responsible tourism and creative industries, also show promise – for example cultural events, locally produced food, handicrafts, art and film production, Karlsdóttir continues.

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