Arctic Council Fairbanks Declaration recognizes science and education cooperation

The Fairbanks Declaration 2017, signed by the eight Arctic states' representatives, recognizes the key role of UArctic in circumpolar education and science. Finland now takes over the Arctic Council chairmanship for 2017-2019.

Coming at the end of the Week of the Arctic in Alaska, which concludes the US Chairmanship of the Arctic Council, the Declaration has particular relevance for the circumpolar research and higher education communities. These elements are particularly significant as Finland, the incoming Arctic Council chair country, has chosen education as one of its key priorities.

The Declaration names UArctic as key actor in education in section 21, where the Ministers of the Arctic, "Recognize the importance of education in fostering sustainable development and building resilience in Arctic communities, encourage the advancement of equal access to good education at all levels, from early childhood to post-secondary, to all Arctic residents, paying particular attention to empowerment and capacity-building of indigenous youth and involving the University of the Arctic where appropriate, and encourage international co-operation in developing culturally appropriate teacher competencies."

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