Call for papers: Education in the North special issue

This special issue of the journal "Education in the North" will be created in conjunction with the UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity in Education. Deadline for expressions of interest and abstracts: 23 June 2017

The Arctic region is characterized by small populations, cultural diversity, a wealth of minority languages, differing socio-economic conditions, as well as long distances. Fair educational opportunities in remote areas are key components for creating sustainable development and building resilience in Arctic communities. Equal access to good basic education opens the doors to learning trades and to higher education, and to finding a place in working life. It also lessens the risk of marginalization with its unfortunate consequences. Teachers who work in Arctic and northern communities, and who are committed to and inspired by the Arctic, are the key factor in providing good basic education. Shared research will contribute to better understanding of teacher education in the Arctic, and enhance the capacity of teacher education institutions to better serve communities by strengthening culturally relevant teaching and supporting student teachers’ identity work.

We are especially interested in submissions that address one of the projects key topics:

  • inclusive practices promoting socially sustainable development in the arctic; 
  • arctic pedagogy combining indigenous pedagogical practices, education in sparsely populated areas and community-based education; 
  • participation and agency in digital age at educational settings; and 
  • pedagogical models to promote high quality teaching and learning in multi-modal and digital environments.

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