Events: 2017/03

  • 26 Feb 2017
    8:00 am HST 
    to 03 Mar 2017
    5:00 pm HST 

    Association for the Science of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) Meeting - session of interest

    Category: Meeting

    We welcome abstracts to our session 081 “Thawing permafrost and the nearshore zone of the Arctic Ocean - The impact of eroding coasts and river discharge on marine chemistry and...

  • 01 Mar 2017
    12:00 pm EST 
    to 1:00 pm EST 

    ARCUS Arctic Research Seminar Series: Establishing Norms and Practices for Arctic Shipping

    Category: Webinar

    The Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS) is pleased to announce the next Arctic Research Seminar Series event featuring Heather A. Conley, Sr. Vice-President of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). The event will be held in the ARCUS D.C. office at 1201 New...

  • 03 Mar 2017
    8:00 am PST 
    to 04 Mar 2017
    5:00 pm PST 

    The Future of Arctic Entrepreneurship

    Category: Conference

    Join us for the kickoff session of the 2017 symposium series “The Future of Arctic Entrepreneurship”, March 3-4, 2017 in . This first symposium will focus on the bilateral partnership between Canada and the United States towards the enhancement of clean energy projects. The...

  • 09 Mar 2017
    9:00 am AKST 
    to 10:00 am AKST 

    IARPC Collaborations Webinar: Modeling and Glaciers & Sea-level

    Category: Webinar

    The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) is initiating implementation of Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021. My colleagues Bill Wiseman, Renu Joseph, Scott Harper and I will be leading the joint Modeling and Glaciers & Sea-level Collaboration Team (GSLCT), and we invite...

  • 20 Mar 2017
    8:00 am EDT 
    to 5:00 pm EDT 

    3rd APECS International Online Conference 2017

    Category: Conference

    The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) cordially invites you to submit an abstract for our 3rd APECS International Online Conference 2017 which will kick-start Polar Week on the 20th of March 2017. This year’s theme is “Outside the Box: Encouraging alternative...

  • 20 Mar 2017
    8:00 am MDT 
    to 24 Mar 2017
    5:00 pm MDT 

    North-American CryoSat Science Meeting and Geodetic Missions Workshop, 20-24 March 2017, Banff, Canada

    Category: Workshop

    ESA will hold the first Cryosat North American Science Meeting next spring in Banff (Alberta, Canada), 20-24 March 2017. 

    Co-sponsored by a number of international institutions, the meeting is open to all worldwide interested CryoSat stakeholders and data users. There will be...

  • 20 Mar 2017
    4:00 pm EDT 
    to 21 Mar 2017
    10:00 pm EDT 

    Climate Science Day

    Category: Meeting

    This is an opportunity for U.S. scientists working in the area of climate (broadly defined). Each year, Climate Science Day has multiple scientific societies hosting scientist visits to Capitol Hill. 

    The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) can fund 2-3...

  • 23 Mar 2017
    12:00 pm EDT 
    to 25 Mar 2017
    9:00 pm EDT 

    47th International Arctic Workshop

    Category: Workshop


    23-25  March 2017 (Thursday - Saturday)

    Buffalo, NY

    Abstract Deadline:  22 February...

  • 24 Mar 2017
    8:00 am AKDT 
    to 5:00 pm AKDT 

    2017 Anchorage Arctic Research Day

    Category: Workshop

    The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) and the Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS) announce a call for registration for the 2017 Anchorage Arctic Research Day. This event will convene 24 March 2017 in Rasmuson Hall on the UAA campus in Anchorage, Alaska.

    This event will...

  • 25 Mar 2017
    8:00 am EET 
    to 28 Mar 2017
    5:00 pm EEST 

    International Conference on Human and Societal Security in the Circumpolar Arctic with specific focus on the Barents region: Environment, Sustainability and Development

    Category: Conference

    The HuSArctic project (Arctic Centre, University of Lapland) calls for papers for an international conference with a focus on the Barents region and its environment, sustainability and development, organized in March 25-28, 2017 in Enontekiö, Finland and Kautokeino, Norway. Deadline for...

  • 25 Mar 2017
    8:00 am PDT 
    to 31 Mar 2017
    5:00 pm PDT 

    2017 Gordon Research Conference on Polar Marine Science

    Category: Conference

    Organizers announce a call for participation applications to the 2017 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Polar Marine Science, entitled "Understanding Ecosystem Change through Time Series Observations, Technological Advances, and Biophysical Coupled Modeling" and...

  • 27 Mar 2017
    8:00 am EEST 
    to 30 Mar 2017
    5:00 pm EEST 

    4th Polar Prediction Workshop and 2nd Sea Ice Model Intercomparison Project Meeting

    Category: Workshop

    The Polar Climate Predictability Initiative (WCRP-PCPI), the Polar Prediction Project (WWRP-PPP), the Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN), and the Sea Ice Model Intercomparison Project (SIMIP) are pleased to welcome participants to the 4th Polar Prediction Workshop, being held at Deutsches...

  • 28 Mar 2017
    1:00 pm PDT 
    to 3:45 pm PDT 

    Arctic Data Center Training Workshop

    Category: Workshop

    This workshop will address data best practices and provide researchers with concrete steps and methods for more easily documenting and uploading data to the Arctic Data Center. The workshop will convene at the Ventura Beach Marriott Hotel. Participation is free of charge.


  • 31 Mar 2017
    8:00 am EEST 
    to 07 Apr 2017
    5:00 pm EEST 

    ASSW 2017 Science Symposium: A Dynamic Arctic in Global Change

    Category: Conference

    Organizers of the Arctic Science Summit Week 2017 in Prague (Czech Republic) on 31 March – 7 April 2017 are now accepting session proposals for the ASSW 2017 Science Symposium, entitled "A Dynamic Arctic in Global Change“. The Science Symposium will be on 4-7 April 2017 and...


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