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North-American CryoSat Science Meeting and Geodetic Missions Workshop, 20-24 March 2017, Banff, Canada

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ESA will hold the first Cryosat North American Science Meeting next spring in Banff (Alberta, Canada), 20-24 March 2017. 

Co-sponsored by a number of international institutions, the meeting is open to all worldwide interested CryoSat stakeholders and data users. There will be no conference fee but the participants are required to finance their own travel and accommodation. 

The meeting will provide a unique and timely forum for scientists and end-users of CryoSat data to share the state-of-the-art in research and applications, review mission achievements and prepare for the continued use of the CryoSat mission in the future. 

The Cryosat North American Science meeting is organised approximately seven years after launch of CryoSat and will highlight areas where the mission has made significant contribution including cryosphere, oceanography, geodesy, hydrology, topography, meteorology and climate change. 

Presentations on the use of CryoSat data for operational applications and demonstrations of novel scientific applications are also encouraged. The meeting will be also instrumental to outline the international collaboration in the exploitation of data, to propose new scientific requirements, to identify new scientific challenges in view of the extension beyond 2019 and, in general, for its possible successor. 

I personally would like to encourage to provide your contribution to the success of this meeting by submitting an abstract whose deadline is 11th December 2016. More details can be found on

When: Monday 20 March, 2017 8:00 am MDT - Friday 24 March, 2017 5:00 pm MDT
Where: Banff, Canada
  1. climate change
  2. CryoSat
  3. cryosphere
  4. ESA
  5. geodesy
  6. hydrology
  7. meteorology
  8. oceanography
  9. topography
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