PostDoc Ice flow modeling at AWI Bremerhaven

The section Glaciology in Bremerhaven invites applications for a PostDoc for ice flow modeling. The ice modeling group at AWI investigates the dynamics and mass balance of ice sheets, ice streams and ice shelves. We apply and develop numerical models and perform regional and global multi-scale simulations. In combination with observational glaciologists, we aim to improve the understanding of glaciological process and assess observe changes. 


Prognostic modeling of the ice dynamics and mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet with the numerical ice flow model ISSM. The aim of the related project is to examine the effect of different global warming pathways of 1.5°C on the ice dynamics and mass loss of the Greenland ice sheet. The focus is on overshoot scenarios in which global warming may exceed 1.5°C before and reduce to 1.5°C by the year 2100. In addition to the statistical comparison between the simulations, an assessment of the effect of grid resolution, process descriptions and spin-ups should be performed.


  • PhD in numerical modeling in glaciology
  • experience with finite elements and numerical methods on unstructured grids
  • experience with cluster computing

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