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  1. Sep 12 2016

    14th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium

    Organizers of the 14th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium (ICRSS) announce a call for abstracts. The symposium will be held from 12-16 September 2016 in Homer,...


  2. Sep 04 2016

    35th ESC General Assembly: Session of Interest

    We would like to draw your attention to the session “Seismological and Structural Studies in Polar Regions and the Cryosphere” to be held during the 35th ESC General Assembly (http://arctichub.net/events/details/315

  3. Aug 27 2016

    35th International Geological Congress: Several Symposia of Interest

    The 35th International Geological Congress will be held 27 August – 04 September 2016, Cape Town, South Africa.

    Information pertaining to the International Congress including...


  4. Seeking Community Input on NSF Polar Programs Realignment

    06 Jul 2016 | Posted by Site Administrator

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) is currently conducting a review of the position of the Division of Polar Programs within the Directorate for the Geosciences (GEO). Prior to 2013,...


  5. Artika Space System To Push Through Arctic Ocean, Polar Regions Weather & Enviornment Monitoring Services in 2017

    17 May 2016 | Posted by Site Administrator

    Artika Space System, a Russian project, will not be affected by the Western sanctions since the satellites' original design was based on the country's technology. The report was based...


  6. Diversity and dispersal capacities of a terrestrial algal genus Klebsormidium (Streptophyta) in polar regions

    29 Feb 2016 | Publications | Contributor(s): David Ryšánek, Josef Elster, Lubomír Kováčik, Pavel Škaloud

    The distribution of microbial eukaryotes (protists) has been frequently discussed during the last two decades. The ubiquity hypothesis assumes the lack of latitudinal gradients in protist...


  7. Polar priorities: Senior defense officials discuss Arctic, Antarctic science and research

    29 Feb 2016 | Posted by Site Administrator

    To address the need for collaborative research in the Polar Regions, Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. Mat Winter met in Finland last week with counterparts from five nations in a first-ever...


  8. Annual Cycles of Two Cyanobacterial Mat Communities in Hydro-Terrestrial Habitats of the High Arctic

    15 Feb 2016 | Publications | Contributor(s): Daria Tashyreva, Josef Elster

    Cyanobacteria form extensive macroscopic mats in shallow freshwater environments in the High Arctic and Antarctic. In these habitats, the communities are exposed to seasonal freezing and...


  9. Recreational nature management as a factor for sustainable development of Russian Arctic Regions

    04 Jan 2016 | Publications | Contributor(s): D. V. Sevastyanov, E. M. Korostelev, Yu. G. Gavrilov, A. V. Karpova

    We examine the current issues related to the promotion and development of recreation and international tourism in the Arctic. An analysis is made of foreign experience of recreational nature...


  10. Tenure Track Assistant Professor Position in Quaternary Geology

    29 Oct 2015 | Posted by Site Administrator

    The Department of Geosciences at North Dakota State University invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Quaternary geology, in order to strengthen the...


  11. Vacancy Announcement, Research Interdisciplinary, GS-0801/0808/0810/0819-11, ERDC, CRREL

    21 Oct 2015 | Posted by Site Administrator

    If you have any questions or comments regarding this announcement, please contact Brock Schimke at 785-239-3603 or brock.e.schimke.civ@mail.mil. USAJOBS LINK FOR THE...


  12. Summary: Instrumentation for Polar Glaciology and Geophysics Research (IPGGR) workshop

    17 Mar 2015 | Posted by Site Administrator

    The Instrumentation for Polar Glaciology and Geophysics Research (IPGGR) workshop was held in Baltimore last October. Funded by the NSF and NASA, the workshop brought together researchers and...


  13. Microstructure and cyanobacterial composition of microbial mats from the High Arctic

    14 Mar 2015 | Publications | Contributor(s): Asunción de los Ríos, Carmen Ascaso, Jacek Wierzchos, Warwick F Vincent, Antonio Quesada

    Arctic lakes, ponds and streams contain benthic microbial mats that are dominated by cyanobacteria, and these communities often account for a large proportion of the total ecosystem biomass and...